behind the scenes by Glen Proebstel


As a creative, it's important to venture out and push the boundaries of your comfort zones and experience different worlds.  On occasion I have the great fortune to be able to attend various shows and events and often one is never quite sure of what to expect. I had planned on having another 'quiet night' in but found myself en route to the 2013 Hair Expo, which is held anually in Sydney. I had been invited to see the show for Melbourne's Hairdesser of the Year for 2012, Joey Scandizzo. Having access backstage it was incredibly engaging watching it all come together. I found it both exhilirating and breathtaking. When it came time to watch the main event it highlighted how much energy and time, stress and chaos it takes to literally give birth to a creative project. Something I experience most weeks (in a different format) I must admit, it was certainly an unexpected surprise as the standard was world class and such a talented pool of people it took to make it happen.

Congrats to Eleven Australia for bringing it all togehter and the magic of make-up artist Kylie O'Toole for her work as Creative director of make-up.