close knit by Glen Proebstel

I can't believe that it's been almost six months since I settled here in New York and even though I arrived with only three suitcases it hasn't taken long at all to use my innate abilities of fossicking around flea markets and the internet pulling things together to feather my nest. Constantly surrounded by new and exhilarating stores here in New York certainly tickles the fancy of any stylist at the best of times however there's something to be said about having sentimental objects around you.

Only the other day I came back to the apartment from shooting on location, to be greeted by tubs of wee treasures that were packed and shipped over from Melbourne. Amongst the menagerie was this beautiful hand crafted linen blanket from Little Dandelion which went straight on the bed. Having this much loved piece with me in the Big Apple somehow makes my apartment feel a little more like a home.

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